Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Frolic In Venice

LA is such a big city that it can often be hard to visit every part of town because everything is so spread out. I felt like a tourist when we visited Venice last weekend, even though I've been living in this city since I was six. It was kind of refreshing, though, being somewhere we're not used to. We visited the restaurant Gjelina, which I'd heard was amazing, and oh, it was. Unfortunately I have no photos of our salad because we devoured it too fast, but it was delicious: kale, shaved fennel, ricotta salata, and radishes. The pizza: fontina, tomato confit, bacon, and grilled radicchio. We, of course, had to try their desserts and went with the salted butterscotch pot de cremé with creme fraiché. Words cannot describe. Drooling. There's a photo in there from a shop we stumbled into, and holy moly. Adorable, vintage-looking cake stands! Tons of them! Piled high!

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