Monday, May 18, 2015

Hanging on the Telephone

The other day, I went exploring around Little Tokyo with my friend Karen of Little Sweet Thing, and we stumbled into the cutest boutique, where she found herself a purse in the shape of a tea kettle! I was looking around for something special myself when I locked eyes with the sweetest little telephone bag in pink (it came in other colors, too, but I couldn't NOT get the pink one)! I knew I had to have it. I love novelty bags and dresses, so this was right up my alley. As if I couldn't be lucky enough, I found this ADORABLE 60s print dress from a local shop called Matrushka. I love one-of-a-kind pieces and supporting local designers so much! I can't wait to wear this dress out more when the weather gets warmer. It's been mighty cold here in LA!

I love what the bag says, too! So fun. "I love to hear the sound of your voice!"

Dress by: Matrushka
Telephone bag is from: Miss Lady Bug and purchased at Kools

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Far Away Places

Since Mad Men is coming to a close tonight (it's going to be a sob fest over here.. I already have tissues prepared), I thought it would be fun to venture out to some "Mad Men" locations yesterday with my good friend Karen of Little Sweet Thing (go buy her cupcake and macaron jewelry!) who kindly snapped these photos of me. I'm wearing my brand new Scottie Dog Dress from Unique Vintage which is on sale so grab it while it's still available!

Shoes are by Bait Footwear

Rod's Grill is located in a quaint little town called Arcadia, just outside of Pasadena. It's a diner that has been filmed many times, and was used for the episode "Far Away Places" in season six of Mad Men. As soon we stepped inside, we felt like we were back in time. From the bright blue booths to the 1960s chandeliers, we couldn't take our eyes off the decor, and the waitstaff were super friendly. 

These are some scenes from the episode below found on I Am Not A Stalker:

Karen and I were lucky enough to sit in the same booth as Megan and Don. Sadly, they didn't have any Orange Sherbet on the menu, so we ordered eggs and bacon instead.

There was a great stone wall right outside the restaurant so we snapped some fun pictures of my outfit there, and got some strange looks. In fact, people thought we were tourists! Once we explained what we were doing, they understood, but some had never heard of Mad Men. Crazy!

After we left, we found Don and Betty's house! On the show, the door was painted red, but nothing else was really changed.

Hope you've enjoyed my tribute to Mad Men with this blog post and the one from yesterday. If you're a fan, what has been your favorite episode, and who are your favorite characters? I want to know!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The End of an Era

I'm one of those people who gets into popular television shows reeeeaally late, and that goes for Mad Men, which I finally caught up to just a few weeks ago. I ordered Netflix one day in early April and blazed through six seasons in less than a month! I'm amazed at how long it took me to give this show a chance. I've always been such a fan of the 1960's and have paid homage to my favorite decade many times (such as when I dressed as a 60s go-go dancer at my Senior Prom in 2003) and I thought that it would be fitting to now pay homage to the best written TV show set in the 1960s - Mad Men, which airs its final episode this weekend. What better way to say goodbye than a trip to the one and only Beverly Hills Hotel aka The Pink Palace for some sunshine and a vanilla milkshake? <3 My good friend Amy of A Fashion Nerd snapped these photos, and I couldn't be more excited to share them with you now!

The Fountain Room is one of my favorite areas of the hotel. The diner is just one long counter top, with the beautiful leaf wallpaper cascading on all the walls behind it. I could imagine Roger having a cup of coffee here the morning after a rendezvous with a young lady the night before. Whenever I'm feeling like I need to feel like I've stepped back in time, this is the perfect place for that!

I just scooped up this Barbecue (!!) retro print dress (and cropped sweater) from my new favorite store Unique Vintage in Burbank. It's such a flattering dress and fits so well, and I love that the print is so, well, unique! The designer is Bernie Dexter, who makes many retro-inspired dresses that can also be found on Modcloth, another favorite of mine. The suitcase is vintage that I purchased at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall, and my shoes are by Sam Edelman.

I brought along my favorite Elvis purse that I found on Ebay one lucky day. It's one of my favorite pieces that I own and I always get compliments on it! So fun.

The Cabana Cafe, which is located by the main pool, would've been a great place to meet Don Draper for a business lunch, only to be stood up and have Pete Campbell in his place (which, let's face it - I wouldn't mind one bit) :) In fact, I think there was an episode somewhere in there where that actually happened! Ha.

As I'm preparing to say goodbye to a show I only just got to know, I'm so grateful to have been able to do my part in paying my own respects to it. Janie Bryant, the show's wardrobe stylist, is a genius and I really think the show's success is not only partly due to the writing, but also due to her ideas and innovations. Every outfit worn, every tiny little detail painted such a picture for each character. I really feel like I know them all so well, just by seeing the subtle changes they went through during each year between 1960-1970s. My favorite character is of course, Sally Draper (she was SO gosh darn cute in the early seasons), but I also love Peggy, Pete, and Megan. And Joan. And Trudy. And Glen (the neighbor who asked Betty for her hair that one time)! And Meredith, Don's final secretary.
And I like Betty, too, as evil as she could be sometimes. Ahh, before I start crying I guess I'd better end this here. Mad Men, you were wonderful, and this truly will be the end of an era come Sunday night! <3

Hair by Marissa of Marissa Cydya (Instagram: @marissacydya)
Makeup by Laura Altamirano at Sephora in Glendale, CA (Instagram: @psychedelicsourceress)
Dress purchased at Unique Vintage
Photography by Amy Roiland of A Fashion Nerd / Instagram: @afashionnerd

Friday, May 1, 2015

Viva Las Vegas (pt 3)

The final stop on my trip was to the Neon Museum! If you've never heard of it, it's a MUST visit. The museum is non-profit and opened in 2012. It houses many of the old signage that was found on the old hotels on the strip as well as various motels and random signs along Las Vegas Blvd. I was in pure heaven. It was amazing. The gift shop was cute, too. At the price of $20, I would definitely go back again, and next time I'll have to come at night when all the neon lights are turned on!

{Tickets and more info can be found here}

On my way home, I stopped at my favorite desert diner Peggy Sue's and noshed on a burger, fries and milkshake, and it was nice to have a moment where I could just relax before the rest of the drive home, which was sure to be long. I love this diner because it's not too pricey and the waitresses are decked out in the cutest 1950s uniforms! Also, there's Elvis everywhere, and a gift shop that sells Elvis memorabilia and other retro icons, and they also have a counter where you can order ice cream. It's the bestttttt.

 Hope you enjoyed my little trip to Vegas!