Monday, April 1, 2019

From Hollywood to Sweden

(This is our little amphitheater in town, what I like to call our version of the Hollywood Bowl)

I was raised in Los Angeles starting from when I was 5 1/2 (before that I had lived in NYC), and one can only imagine how strange it was for me to move out of a big bustling city to a small town in west Sweden like I did last year. I often get asked why I left LA for Strömstad (the town I live in now), and once I explain that it's because my now-fiancé is from here, people understand, but it is the number one question I get asked when I'm meeting someone new, no doubt.

I grew up in a suburb of LA called Valley Village (back when it was still considered to be North Hollywood), so the word "Hollywood" has always had a strong significance to me (not only because, fun fact!, my dad is an actor so I've grown up in the entertainment industry). I remember going on a summer trip to visit my childhood friend in Atlanta, Georgia, when I was 11 years old. Our moms had signed us both up for tennis camp (I played tennis regularly at that age), and on the very first day, as soon as the other kids found out that I was from LA, they immediately referred to me as "Hollywood" every single day for the next 3 weeks. I wasn't offended by it, but it made me realize that "Hollywood" was a special place to a lot of people, especially to people who had never been there and had always fantasized about it, like these kids at the camp. 

Do you remember watching the movie Hocus Pocus? I mean, who doesn't if you grew up in the 90s, but the main character (Max, coincidentally enough) went through the exact same thing when he moved to Salem from LA. The two guys he met in the cemetery on the way home from his first day of school teased him, called him "Hollywood" and stole his shoes. Luckily my shoes were never stolen, and I wasn't totally offended by being called Hollywood, but I always found it funny, and the older I get, the prouder I am of being from there. So when I saw this sweater on Joanie Clothing's website, I knew I HAD to have it.

Since moving to Sweden, I've discovered that I find the most comfort in surrounding myself with clothing and even home goods that make me feel connected to my old hometown, and that definitely includes this jumper. It's soft as can be, can be thrown on with a pair of denim and converse, or can be dressed up tucked into a skirt with a cute pair of flats like in these photos I'm sharing here! I plan on wearing it all spring and summer, and into the fall, too.


Link to the Oscar Hollywood Slogan Jumper can be found by clicking this link HERE

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Recipe: Princesstårta Cupcakes

Everyone who knows me knows about my undying love for princess cake, known as princesstårta in Sweden. It's a layered cake consisting of alternating layers of sponge cake, raspberry jam, pastry cream, whipped cream, and the outside is covered in delicious marzipan which gives the cake a smooth shape. It's usually decorated with a few pink roses and a sprinkling of powdered sugar to top everything off. Since Valentine's Day is almost here, I thought it would be fun to share my own version of princesstårta but in cupcake form! And you know what? It wasn't difficult like I thought it would be! I found the original recipe HERE and made my own modifications to it so feel free to use the one I linked as the base for when you try it.

If I wanted to follow the recipe exactly, I would have bought a roll of marzipan and cut out round circles to cover the top of the cupcakes, but since I love frosting so much, I decided to add some almond flavoring to the frosting instead and it tasted nearly the same. The roses were store bought but you can make them yourself if you wish! Unlike the recipe, I did not add the cream on top of the cupcake (underneath the marzipan) as the original recipe described. Instead I whipped a little bit of it into the frosting.

Most of the cupcakes were gone before I could attempt a photo to show the middle, but here's my best effort (taken at night in different lighting)! Nothing like a sweet fruity surprise!

I definitely recommend trying these if you want to get a taste of princesstårta without having to make a whole cake. Have you ever tried princesstårta? What's your favorite kind of cake? Comment below!