Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Music of the week

I have a habit of listening to the same bands (and the same songs) over and over when I first get into them. This year so far has been all about Foxygen, The Growlers, Coeur de Pirate (adorable - totally makes me want to watch Amelié) and (always),The Walker Brothers. What are you currently obsessed with? I'd love some recommendations!

 Foxygen - San Francisco

 The Walker Brothers - My Ship is Coming In

 The Growlers - Someday

Coeur de Pirate - Place de la République 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beachy Keen

To go along with my last post, I thought it would be fitting to show how versatile the basic denim jacket is. This time I decided to pair it with my favorite new dress, to give it a more relaxed and unexpected feel. I love the combination of a laid back tough girl jacket with a soft, romantic maxi dress. It's probably the edgiest I've ever dressed, and it's not even that edgy! I also love mixing prints and couldn't help but pair the black and white stripes with my black and white polka dot envelope clutch. The weather has been great here lately, so the boyfriend and I decided to spend our evening at the beach. After the sun went down, we stopped for some authentic Italian gelato, drove by the Bachelor house (I am dying to see it up close!), and picked up hot pizza at our favorite local pizza joint. How have you all been spending your weekend?


Outfit details:

Dress - Anthropologie
Necklace - Anthropologie
Denim Jacket - Forever21
Bag - JCrew
Sandals - Anthropologie

Monday, March 18, 2013

Western Flair

Lately I've been obsessing over this simple denim jacket (they're everywhere lately!) that I bought recently. It goes well with pretty much everything in my closet, and it was really affordable. Today, I decided to pair it with one of my all time favorite Anthropologie dresses (complete with a tulle skirt underneath), ankle boots, and tights that have cute studs adorning them. I also had to add in the mint green crossbody bag, because mint is popping up everywhere and it's the best color.  What do you pair your denim jackets with?

Outfit Details:

Denim Jacket - Forever21
Dress - Anthropologie
Tights - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Aldo via Nordstrom
Butterfly clip - Anthropologie (not on the website but currently in stores)
Bag - JCrew