Monday, January 8, 2018

A Day in Gothenburg

Every now and then, when I want to get out of town, I escape to Gothenburg. Previous to visiting Sweden's second largest city, the only information I had about it was that a band I loved in high school called Division of Laura Lee was from there. And very recently, my mom told me a story of being flashed by a goofy looking man riding by on a bicycle when she was hitchhiking across Scandinavia in the her 20s in the 1970s. So needless to say, I didn't have too many facts to start with. I liked this city from the second I stepped out of the car. There were record stores scattered along the road where we parked, and further down I came to a small neighbourhood called Haga, which is known for its cobblestone-lined streets filled with little cozy cafes, shops and plenty of good people watching. Even further down, after crossing the park, there is even more shopping and restaurants to discover. My boyfriend and I took a short trip into Gothenburg the other day to look for some things to add to our apartment (my third time now) and I discovered an amazing hotel, ate a yummy treat in Haga, and admired the tall buildings everywhere around me.

Some European charm in Haga

A lush garden and plant shop tucked behind a coffee shop

The outside of my new favourite hotel: Dorsia. Stepping inside was a total dream and now it's my mission to stay there ASAP. Every room is totally different and each rooms decor is a surprise.

Making my grand entrance into the bar/restaurant. It was a total DREAM!
Outfit Details: Dress - Smak Parlour, Wellington Boots - Hunter Boots

Eating my favourite homemade waffle outside of Cafe Kringlan.
Lexi Purse: L Yucel
Sabrina Sunnies: Betty and Veronica

Friday, January 5, 2018

New Beginnings

As I’m sitting here in my new apartment in Strömstad, looking out the window on to a road that’s still pretty unfamiliar, I can’t help but feel both excited and nervous about my new life here in Sweden. A year ago, I hadn’t even met my boyfriend yet who is the reason why I’m here now. I’m pretty sure I was sitting on my couch in Los Feliz, crying about why my life wasn’t going the way I thought it would by then. Fast forward to the end of January, and we matched on Tinder. He happened to be in LA for a music trade show, and that’s when it all started. And now here I am a year later, residence permit (almost) in hand, ready to live a very exciting new life.

If you asked me a year ago if I could ever picture myself living in outside of LA, let alone another country, my answer would’ve been NO. I hadn’t even really been to anywhere in Europe, except for a two week visit to London and Liverpool when I was 16. The majority of people who I talked to about my move in the beginning (and maybe even a little now) would tell me that I was being brave for moving to another country, but I didn’t really feel like that until recently. I just kind of.. went through the process, and didn’t really take the time to let it wash over me.

I’m currently here in Sweden for a few weeks celebrating the holidays, and since i’ve been gone, I’ve managed to sell off some of my most beloved household items: kitchenaid stand mixer, my bicycle, and most recently, my car. I had that car for ten years and LOVED it. I went everywhere in it. Max and I were in the middle of re-doing the living room of his apartment that we’re now sharing when I found out that my car was finally sold, and that’s when it all really hit me. For the first time since this whole process started, I cried. I cried a good long cry. I mourned the loss of my car, my other belongings, and my life in LA. And then.. I realised in that moment that, wow, yeah.. I’m pretty brave. And what I’m doing is not easy, and I should give myself way more credit. 

With that said, I’m really excited to be re-launching my blog during such a new and exciting time in my life, and I to share my new experiences right here, including a little outfit post I have for you now!

I love Joanie Clothing and I’ve been wearing this dress everywhere with a pair of tights and boots since it’s been so cold here. I love the rich mustard color paired with the cute floral peter pan collar and velvet tie. The dress can be found on their site here. xoxo

2018 - so much is new!

Wow, can you believe it’s already 2018? It seems like last year went by so slowly, and yet, here we are. With a new year comes a brand new website from yours truly, and I cannot wait to get started! Stay tuned for new posts coming regularly. Xoxo