Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home pt 1

I've been meaning to do this for quite a while! I have a unique living situation, and people are always fascinated by it. So I thought I might as well give a tour of it here. My boyfriend's parents re-designed their house into a true castle (it took ten years to build) from what was once a ranch-style house, and it is gorgeous. I am so happy to live here. Though, sometimes I get a little antsy to decorate my place more with my own style, I can't help but appreciate all of the special details that makes this place truly unique and special. Enjoy!

{Front of our two story "tower" loft}

{View of our dining room table from our front door. I love our little fake Christmas tree. It is the perfect centerpiece.}

{View of our kitchen from our fireplace area. I am very selective when it comes to what goes on our fridge! Right now is a promo poster from the show New Girl, a photo booth souvenir from my boss' daughter's Bat Mitzvah, an Islands poster (one of my favorite bands), donut + Beatles magnets, and heart stickers. }

 {Our stove/oven. Fact: We use our stove often. It is powered by a pilot light, which is pretty cool. The oven is used for... storage! (we store our cereal boxes in the top drawer, for example). I know, it seems crazy to not use it to cook, but this oven is so old and so simple that it would be really hard to tell what the temperature is. I still need to find a cute way to display our spices. To the left is our microwave that we barely ever use, and paper towels.}

{View of our chandelier, pantry and front door. That piece of artwork hanging is actually very large and is a tie-in to my boyfriend's mother's Italian heritage. Love it so much.}

{Our fireplace and organ. This is constantly a work in progress. We don't have a lot of space for a bookshelf, so the top of the organ is holding most (or all) of our tiny book collection, magazines, and random knick-knacks.}

{I love our fireplace. We take full of advantage of it when it's cold here in LA, which to most people is not very cold at all. We're wimps. But nevertheless, it's a big comfort to me and I am so happy to have one.}

{Our fireplace wouldn't be complete without dragon sconces. They're our little tower mascots!}

{Our bed. It is basically the most amazing bed in the entire world. Comfortable beyond belief!}

{Just some of the detail on our bedframe}

 {My most recent apartment purchase, our custom portrait by PaperPlants! I love it so much, and it looks so good on this wall. It's really hard to find the right artwork for our walls, which is why they are always so bare. This is also where I keep my collection of nail polishes, jewelry, perfume, and current reading material (pictured here: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn). I have had that jewelry box for as long as I can remember. It means a lot to me. And of course, my Casio keyboard that was given to me at work. I love this part of the apartment so much.}

{A view of our spiral staircase and my dresses rack. This rack has done wonders for us. We have a pretty big dresser (not pictured) that isn't very handy for dresses, and is filled to the brim as it is. So I thought of getting a garment rack and boy, what a good idea. I love being able to look at my dresses and pick out what I want without having to open the dresser every time.}

{I spy our spiral staircase and our cat, Ringo, peeking away at the camera. This staircase leads up to the other half of our loft apartment - it's the messiest, which is why it's not pictured in this post. We watch tv up there, and it is also where we do our computer work/record our music, listen to records, etc. I will show this some other time, I promise!}

{The bathroom! I love our bathroom, but it is not easy to take pictures of. This particular photo is of our mirror, and you can also see our stained glass window.}

{A shot of the design in our shower}

{Another challenge: My shoe rack! I don't know if you can tell but it is bending way over to the side. These Target shoe racks are not meant to hold the amount of shoes that I own, clearly! This is a work in progress as well. I will one day find one that is cute and that looks like it fits in our castle-themed apartment. You can kind of see our giant dresser next to it, and front and center is my side table. It is where Ringo eats. Not an ideal place, but we're used to it, and I don't use it for anything else!}

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