Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Blog Topic - Favorite Films

I think I'm going to start incorporating some of my favorite films into blog posts! I have been on a huge Beatles kick lately. They are my all-time favorite band and I have been watching their films like crazy since I was in high school, so I figured I might as well talk about them a little here! For those who haven't seen their sophomore movie, get to it. It's definitely not groundbreaking and the plot is very silly, but.. it's The Beatles! All of their musical scenes are magical, the house they live in is totally amazing. I mean, John's bed is under the floor and it's filled with books! Paul has a white organ that raises from the floor, George has his own lawn (and personal lawnmower) and Ringo has his own soda machines, one filled with actual oranges. This movie is full of fun, great music, and it makes me so happy to watch every time.

I believe you can watch the whole film on this youtube clip above. I hope it stays up forever!


  1. Help! is also my most Favorite Beatles Movie! I love their house so much in the movie, especially john's sunken bed, it's so cool, ha. I swoon when they sing "You've got to hide your love away!"

  2. I didn't know they had movies! How fun to find out, thanks for mentioning it :) I pretty grew up with The Beatles, because of my dad, so it feels rather silly that I didn't knew this!

    x Sam

  3. Help! is the movie that introduced me to the magic that is the Beatles personalities. I'd listened to their albums growing up but never understood the Beatles magic until watching this movie in high school, at which point I became HOOKED and never looked back!

    1. Oh and I agree about their house... I love the four separate entrances. I also love Eleanor Bron's outfits, especially when she's in all pink with the pink gun!