Thursday, April 17, 2014

Neighborhood Love

As you read in my last post, I recently (well, not SO recently) moved across town to an eclectic neighborhood in Los Angeles located on the "east side" of town, near Hollywood and Silver Lake. I've always loved the east side of the city because it has a real community feel. I love being able to run into old friends while I'm taking a stroll, and seeing familiar faces at the shops I go to frequently. But, it's not just the community that I've come to love, it's also the shops themselves! These are just some of my favorites (there are many!). 

1. Figaro Cafe - Best Happy Hour / This is THE place to go if you want fancy drinks and fancy french food for cheap. I happen to love their artichoke ravioli (with truffle oil, $6), and I always get a glass of their Lillet Blanc ($5)! Happy hour runs between 4-7 pm every day of the week. Plus, who doesn't want to just dine leisurely at a bistro on Vermont Ave?

2. Skylight Books - Best Neighborhood Bookstore (and the only one, really, for good reason!) / This is an amazing bookstore with events happening every week. They also have a sister book store next door that carries more "art books" like music biographies, graphic novels and the like.

3. Tomato Pie - Best Pizza (non vegan) / What's not to love about a bright orange and blue pizza joint? This cute little pie shop houses the tastiest pizzas ever, including The Florentine (jam-packed with veggies so I don't feel AS guilty eating it), delectable garlic knots, and the prices are pretty reasonable. I was going to also highlight my favorite vegan pizza spot called Cruzer, but I couldn't find a pretty picture of their shop to post, haha. If you are looking for vegan, this shop off Hillhurst is THE place for yummy non dairy/non real meat pizzas. I'm addicted to their gluten free pizza crust which is buttery and crunchy in just the right places. My favorite pizzas are their BBO Chicken, and Philly Cheese Steak. Also, you have to try their potato wedges with vegan ranch dressing or else. There are no words.

4. Little Dom's - Best Romantic Dinner / Ahh.. what's not to love about Little Dom's? Well, for one, they have a great deal on Mondays which includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert, all for $15! Also, many movies have been filmed here, including We Bought A Zoo (which is not one of my favorites but hey - it's cool to see Matt Damon sitting in one of my favorite restaurants). What I love most, though, is the atmosphere. They play cool music, serve yummy Italian food (mmm pasta), and sometimes I don't know that I'm sitting behind a famous person (last time it was Kristen Wiig) which adds to the experience. This will always be my favorite Valentine's Day AND Birthday dinner spot. Oh and their breakfast/brunch is pretty stellar, too.

5. Los Feliz 3 Cinema - Best Movie Theater / Many would disagree with me on this and say that the Vista is their favorite theater (another vintage theater in the vicinity), but I have always loved this theater. They always have three movies to choose from and it has such a classic, nostalgic feel to it.

6. Spitfire Girl - Best Spot for Fun Gifts / I love this little gem of a shop! I come here when I want to find a unique birthday present for a friend (like their Birthday In A Jar kit, which includes random items such as a balloon, fortune teller and confetti), or cute glasses for the kitchen (my favorites are the cats wearing pirate eye patches). They also have handmade greeting cards, pillows, jewelry, and more, most of which is handmade by the owner herself!

7. Alcove Café - Best Brunch Spot / There are so many great brunch/breakfast spots in this neighborhood, but for me, my favorite is definitely Alcove (mmm brioche french toast). From the outside, it looks like a tree house, with sweet bistro lights hung about and mismatched tables and chairs taking up the majority of the front of the restaurant. They also have a small bar inside. If you could see their bakery selections, I guarantee you'd be coming every day. Their cakes are INSANE! (Did I mention they also make their own chocolate in-house?) I also love their after hours menu that includes yummy bacon sliders and chili cheese fries.

8. Ramekin - Best Dessert Spot / I only recently discovered the genius that is Ramekin. As you can probably guess, every dessert here is served in a ramekin. The bread pudding is pretty much heaven, and their chocolate chip cookie is a little raw in the middle, and chewy on the outside, which to me is the perfect combo. I love to just sit outside and chat with friends for hours (they're open late!), sipping on tea + eating these yummy treats.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Home Tour

I've been waiting 5 months to show everyone our glorious new apartment, and now the day has finally come! Now let's get started!

My boyfriend and I found this gem of an apartment back in October of 2013. I had been on the hunt for a 1920's apartment with hardwood floors, a tiled kitchen and bathroom, and plenty of white space to decorate with tons of color. I stumbled upon this apartment after a friend of mine signed the lease on a different apartment in the complex. Once I walked in, I knew it was the one! Ever since, I've been filling this space with my favorite pieces of art, furniture, and little knick-knacks. It is an ever-growing project, and I know I will never really be "finished", but for now I'd say it looks pretty good. It is on the east side of Los Angeles, in a little neighborhood known as Los Feliz. I love being here because we're so close to Griffith Park, the Observatory, and some of my all-time favorite restaurants and shops (a post on that is coming later).

 I love the door mat that I purchased from Lulu + Georgia. It's so cheerful, just like the apartment!

 { Living room }

{ I love the mix of colors and patterns in this room. I wanted to give it an old Hollywood feel so I purchased the faux suede navy blue tufted touch from Macy's as soon as I saw it. I wanted to mix in modern which is why I chose the chevron rug. As for the chair, I'm a sucker for anything that resembles Palm Springs, and that chair really has that feel to it. It was purchased from Joss & Main! People always comment on my Elvis life-sized stand-up. I LOVE to make people smile and this was my way of keeping the room less serious. Sadly most of the time I keep it tucked away in our bedroom closet because Ringo loves to scratch it  }

{ I scoured Etsy for prints I'd been coveting for years, such as the Royal Tenenbaums print by Nan Lawson, as well as a Rifle Paper Co print and one that I purchased at Sugar Paper! The little 1920's girls were purchased from Flapper Doodle }

{ ^ I am obsessed with my White Faux Taxidermy unicorn head! This company makes the most beautiful fake animal heads that I've ever seen and they are really reasonably priced and fast to send! I also love my little squeaky poodle doll from my favorite little shop called Pygmy Hippo Shoppe! Unfortunately, I didn't know that they sold a cat version until after this photo was taken! Of course, I had to get one to keep my poodle company }

{ Kitchen }

{ Flowers by Clementine Floral Works in Silver Lake, Bar Cart purchased from Ikea }

 { I think the kitchen is probably my pride and joy. I put a lot of effort into making this room as cheerful as possible! Starting with my set of bright yellow metal chairs from, I built the room around those chairs. My favorite pieces in the kitchen are my wood die-cut signs from Everyday Is A Holiday. Jenny and Aaron are the sweetest people and make every effort to make sure you get your signs promptly and are happy and satisfied with your order(s)! Truth be told, I actually just ordered their jumbo stack of pancakes die cut and I have no idea where to put it. I'm going to run out of room! :) }

{ Bathroom }

{ Bedroom }

{ As if you couldn't guess already, I love sweets! If I had it my way, I'd be wearing a donut sweater, ice cream earrings, and eating a cupcake at the same time. So the only logical thing to do while planning this room was to hunt down the coziest, cutest dessert decor I could find. The donut and ice cream pillows are from Dylan's Candy Bar. There's a cupcake, too, but I decided two were enough. The typewriter purse is by Kate Spade and was purchased for me as a birthday gift by my boyfriend. The gold dots on the wall are by UW Decals (There are even more of them on the wall that isn't visible! I love gold confetti and have no qualms putting it anywhere }

{ The illustration on the wall was designed by Neiko of PaperPlants on Etsy. I love it so much and she captured Ringo so perfectly! }

{ Random shots for fun }

{ I can't get enough of Oh Joy for Target! I bought so much from the line it's ridiculous! }

{ Ringo was basically the star of the show. I counted and he appeared in almost every room shot! }

We are lucky to have a gorgeous fountain right outside our living room! I couldn't have asked for anything more soothing. I always think that it's raining and then I remember what it is. There's a bench that's not pictured here. I would love to just sit and read by it. I'm definitely going to plan on that happening once it gets warmer out (which has already started happening)

All photography by Desiree Asher Photography