Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Monday

Today has been somewhat of a slow day. I spent most of it in bed watching Spice World (yes, the Spice Girls movie from 1998), and making a necessary trip to Chipotle. I've realized that I didn't take a picture of the outfit I wore on New Years, so I put it back on today to share here. I ended up loving the look I pulled together. The pink mixed with the blue is just so fun, and of course the sequin detail on the bust is amazing. If I could, I would have switched my bag out for something else, but it's.. my only bag! (That needs to change. Fast.) I wish I could wear this outfit every day. Don't mind my goofy mug in these shots.

Jacket: from Sarah Jessica Parker's line "Bitten". It was only $10!
Dress: Aqua, Bloomingdales
Shoes: JCrew
Bag: Urban Outfitters

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