Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Animal Cookie Poptarts

The other day, I came across a recipe for homemade poptarts, one of my favorite breakfast treats from childhood, and since focusing my blog on more of a cake-centric theme, I thought why not add cream cheese frosting to the mix? I took a basic dough recipe from this blog (here), and instead of the usual jam, I made cream cheese frosting (recipe here), and added ANIMAL COOKIES to it! *An easy way of doing so is by crushing up a couple generous handfuls of animal cookies and then adding them to the batter, stirring until incorporated.

Ahh, so fun, right? And as crazy as it all sounds - they are pretty delicious. If I make these again (which I'm sure I will), I'll be rolling the dough a lot thinner. The pop tarts are pretty thick, but I'm not complaining. Now excuse me while I sneak off another bite!

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