Sunday, May 17, 2015

Far Away Places

Since Mad Men is coming to a close tonight (it's going to be a sob fest over here.. I already have tissues prepared), I thought it would be fun to venture out to some "Mad Men" locations yesterday with my good friend Karen of Little Sweet Thing (go buy her cupcake and macaron jewelry!) who kindly snapped these photos of me. I'm wearing my brand new Scottie Dog Dress from Unique Vintage which is on sale so grab it while it's still available!

Shoes are by Bait Footwear

Rod's Grill is located in a quaint little town called Arcadia, just outside of Pasadena. It's a diner that has been filmed many times, and was used for the episode "Far Away Places" in season six of Mad Men. As soon we stepped inside, we felt like we were back in time. From the bright blue booths to the 1960s chandeliers, we couldn't take our eyes off the decor, and the waitstaff were super friendly. 

These are some scenes from the episode below found on I Am Not A Stalker:

Karen and I were lucky enough to sit in the same booth as Megan and Don. Sadly, they didn't have any Orange Sherbet on the menu, so we ordered eggs and bacon instead.

There was a great stone wall right outside the restaurant so we snapped some fun pictures of my outfit there, and got some strange looks. In fact, people thought we were tourists! Once we explained what we were doing, they understood, but some had never heard of Mad Men. Crazy!

After we left, we found Don and Betty's house! On the show, the door was painted red, but nothing else was really changed.

Hope you've enjoyed my tribute to Mad Men with this blog post and the one from yesterday. If you're a fan, what has been your favorite episode, and who are your favorite characters? I want to know!

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  1. omg this is so cool! I just watched the last episode of Mad Men last night. I am devastated