Monday, February 9, 2015

Date Night Outfit

Whenever Valentine's Day comes around, I never know what to wear for our traditional "date night" where we go to our favorite local restaurant and indulge on homemade pasta and glasses of wine. I recently picked up the sweetest red dress from Anthropologie for a friend's 30th birthday and was thinking of wearing that, but I was looking in my closet and re-discovered a dress I wore as a bridesmaid to a dear friend's wedding two years ago. I picked it up at Nordstrom, and the back detail is what made me choose the dress for that occasion. It's so sweet and edgy at the same time with the low cut. There's also a really sweet laser cut detail and pleats in the skirt that I adore. I paired this dress with a bold pair of scalloped heels that I also wore to the wedding (for a pop of color), and curled my hair a little. Sadly this dress is long gone from Nordstrom stores, but there are similar styles - here, here and here.


Ahh this bow detail in the back just kills me! And the laser cuts are actually tiny hearts!

Shoe pictures are always awkward, but I loved that there were flowers all over the ground, so I had to take advantage.

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  1. Hmm I thought I left a comment here but it didn't show up. Anyway I just wanted to say that that dress makes a great Valentine's outfit and I'm glad it's getting worn again!