Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Shopping with Target

Is it just me or has this year just been flying by? It's already April and now it's almost Easter! As the holiday draws even closer, I thought it would be appropriate to share a last-minute gift idea for your best friend, sister, mom, aunt, co-worker, or Beyonce (shooting too high there? Maybe so). I happen to love Target a whole lot, and managed to find everything in this basket (minus the basket and straw itself) for less than $20! Candy is always a great go-to for obvious reasons, but to handpick little pick-me-ups like the cooling face mask, marshmallow candle (!!), and EOS vanilla mint lip balm just makes it extra special and personalized, and you can do the same for every type of person in your life whether it's for a guy or even a little niece or nephew. I had so much fun shopping for this gift idea that I had to make myself leave! Tell me: Do you celebrate Easter? And if so, what would be in your ultimate Easter basket?

01. ankle socks in "joyful mint" / 02. pez (not available on website)
03. EOS vanilla mint lip balm / 04. que bella refreshing mask
05. credit card holder wallet / 06. marshmallow pop candle

...and what's on the table making it all look so yummy?
: 01. cookie dough egg / 02. cadbury caramel eggs

 Thanks for all the great stuff, Target! You're the best!

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