Friday, March 20, 2015

Jeepers Peepers

It's almost Easter, you guys! I've always loved this holiday. The neighborhood that I grew up in was filled with families when I was little, and every year, the parents would get together and hide eggs all over their yards. The kids would get together and do a major Easter egg hunt throughout the whole neighborhood, and afterwards, we would end up at one of the houses for a pot luck. Nowadays, I spend my time with Chris at his parents' house and we have a big Italian Easter fest. I thought I'd jazz things up a bit and try my hand at crafting, so here is a cute little DIY for those who have been thinking about making your own hair accessories! These would make a great gift for a friend, or to wear to your own Easter party.

I picked up everything at Michaels, except for the candy that I bought at my local grocery store.
All it takes is a hot glue gun, ribbon wide enough to fit on top of your plastic headbands and hair clips, and candy! Just glue on your ribbon, then add whatever candy you like! I went for peeps, m&m's, and Easter eggs.

Now let's get started:

I love these little birdie clips I made, with little birds and m&m's! So cute! 

Next up is a peeps headband! This was by far the hardest to construct because hot glue does not want to stick to these guys. But I'm loving the result! The one tip I have for this is to do two rounds of glue for each peep.

And my favorite of all, the m&m and eggs headband! This is so cute and not as fragile as the other one. I feel like I can wear this on any given day and that no one would even know that it's made of candy! Or maybe not. But either way, it's a good one!

I hope you've enjoyed the post! If you have done some Easter DIYs, I'd love to see! <3

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