Thursday, April 30, 2015

Viva Las Vegas (pt 2)

The rest of my trip to Vegas was fun and I did more walking than I'd done in years probably! I love all of the kitschy themed hotels and I strolled down Las Vegas Blvd with my camera in tow, ready to snap some fun shots of whatever I found to be inspiring!

{The Strip}

The Flamingo Hotel is probably one of my all-time favorites because, well, who doesn't love pink? And also, who doesn't love a flamingo? This hotel is beaming with bright colors and the best gift shop on the strip. I picked up a soft pullover sweater and the cutest light-up keychain (or maybe the tackiest). 

{Floral Carousel at the Wynn}

{Downtown Las Vegas}

{O Face Doughnuts}
I had read about this donut shop and had to stop by. I ordered the breakfast donut that had breakfast cereal on top and a cream on the inside. It was the perfect way to start my descent back into Los Angeles.

More info about where to find OFace Donuts can be found here

...And I'm saving the best for tomorrow. Stay tuned for more Las Vegas goodness!

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