Monday, June 2, 2014

Memorial Day

This is the first Memorial Day that we've spent traveling. I thought it would be fun to get out of town for the day and drive to Palm Springs, which is only around an hour and forty minutes away, which isn't bad considering how far away other places are, like Vegas and San Francisco. I had originally wanted to go to the Madonna Inn, which I've been to many, many times (or at least, just in their lobby, gift shop, and restaurant), but we felt like it would have been a lot of driving (3 hours) for just a short visit around the hotel. We left the house at around 10:30, and got to Palm Springs at 12. Of course, the first thing that I always like to do when I hit the town, is to drive by all of my favorite houses - the ones with the pretty colored doors, retro gates and mailboxes, etc. I obviously never miss out on driving by the two homes Elvis lived in during the 60's-70's, the Honeymoon House and the house on Chino Canyon. So we spent the next hour driving around the neighborhood, snapping pictures left and right of the cutest and most interesting homes around.

{Elvis' Honeymoon House, aka The House of Tomorrow}

{Black & White}
{Orange + White}

{Marilyn Monroe's gorgeous black and white house. I vow to have a striped awning and striped umbrellas in my future home. Oh and just to give you an idea, this house was located behind Elvis'. Not directly behind, but if you go to the left of her house, you can see the backyard to the Honeymoon House. Pretty crazy to think they were such close neighbors!}

{Lime + White}

{Lime + Gray}

{Blue, White + Black}

{White, Orange, Black + Yellow}
As we drove into town to grab some food, I noticed that what is supposed to be the best vintage furniture store in town was FINALLY open! I had heard from local business owners that this was the place to find the best of the best, but that the owner only opened up the shop when he wanted to, meaning you never knew when it would be open. The last time we were there it was closed (on a Wednesday), and the guy next door had told us a story of a woman who had driven three separate times to the store from Los Angeles, hoping it would be open and it never was. The guy also apparently never answers the phone, making it hard for anyone to truly know. I felt really lucky, though that it was, and boy, it really was amazing.

After looking around for a while, we were just too hungry to concentrate, so we drove a couple of blocks up and decided to eat at Jake's. I took a picture of my dish but Chris' was much more photo worthy. 

{Chile + Corn Strata}

 Next we were off to the Saguaro to do some much needed lounging around. I was finally able to wear my Modcloth bathing suit for the first time! We sipped on lemonades, lounged on their yellow (very comfortable) chairs, and took a couple of swims in the pool. Can we go back, already?

{The couple sitting next to us at the pool told me I reminded her of Maryann from Gilligan's Island, which I have to admit was kind of cool to hear. So I did my best impersonation (though as you can tell, it was mighty hot out there, and I felt like I was melting by that point}

 After some much needed pool time, we headed into El Jefe to grab some margaritas during their happy hour, and chowed down on their skirt steak nachos which were as good as they sounded!

{No trip to Palm Springs is complete without a visit to Norma's at the Parker for their yummy pie shakes. I got mine with vanilla ice cream, apple filling + pie crust, and Chris' was caramel ice cream, banana filling + graham cracker crust}


Shops/Clothing Mentioned:

Norma's at the Parker
Bathing Suit: Modcloth

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