Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm Going To Graceland (Pt 2)

Lately I've been really into wearing black + neutrals, which is unusual for me considering my wardrobe is filled with so many bright hues. There's something so simple and chic about black, and a little rock & roll, which is what I'm hoping to pull off while visiting Memphis. Some of these items I own and will be bringing (like the bow dress and leggings), some that I've ordered in the mail (rock&roll top), and a couple that are majorly on my wish list (Kate Spade purse, denim jacket). I particularly love that Elvis tote and hope I'll be able to pick one up at one of the souvenir shops around town, and I'll definitely be wearing flats, leggings and one of my slouchy thin pullover sweaters (not pictured here) on the plane ride over. Tomorrow's the day that I embark on my long awaited journey to Memphis! Lots of photos to follow when I return <3

* Also, just on a super awesome side note, the lovely Aileen of At Home In Love is featuring our apartment tour on her blog today, so be sure to check it out! Thanks again, Aileen! :)

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