Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Best Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've always considered myself to be a pretty skilled baker. It comes naturally to me (unlike cooking, which can be hit or miss). But the one thing that I always felt that I could just not get down was cookies, plain old simple cookies. And now I can say proudly that I've finally made the most perfect batch of soft, chewy, chocolate-y doughy cookies that are delicious! It took a bit of tweaking as I went along, as the original recipe found here didn't seem to be consistent. I added one extra egg and water to the batter to make the dough more wet (it was incredibly dry, almost like the consistency of making your own cookie crumble pie crust) and added course sea salt on top at the end for an extra punch. I also didn't use nuts, but feel free! The cookies should come out of the oven soft, pillow-y and on the thicker side. I like my cookies to have a cake-like feel which is why I use heaping tablespoons for each scoop :)

I hope you enjoy these with a big, cold glass of milk or tea! I also highly recommend letting the cookies cool and then sandwiching your favorite ice cream or gelato between two of them to make the yummiest ice cream sandwich.  I used Talenti "Caramel Cookie Crunch" gelato flavor, but any would be good!

 (I've decided to not write out the recipe as you can find it in the link above, but please do like I did and use TWO eggs, not one like the recipe says, and add water if the dough is too dry. I also used a tiny bit of canola oil as well.)

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