Monday, May 26, 2014

Homemade Tomato Sauce

This is a fairly new recipe that I just picked up from my boss! It's so unbelievably simple to make. You can save it and use it for many meals after that (I have another recipe coming to the blog soon where I'll be using this tomato sauce). You can also add whatever you like to make it your own. I opted to use three cloves of garlic which is not what the original recipe called for, as well as Dry Italian Seasoning. So cook up a pot of this bright orange deliciousness, and give some to your friends, too!


Half white onion
One celery stick
One carrot
One pinch Dry Italian Seasoning
Three Cloves Garlic
Olive Oil
Ten Tomatoes (I use Roma Tomatoes on the vine)

Step 1: Set your stove to medium-high heat. Take your trusty cast iron pot and drizzle enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan (not too much)

Step 2: Once you've chopped up your onions (diced thin), drop it into your pot to fry for about five minutes (add salt to make the onions sweat).

Step 3: Once it's been around five minutes and the onions are looking soft, add in your celery and carrot (also diced thin) for another 7 minutes. Once it's been 7 minutes, add your tomatoes (I dice them into cubes first)

Step 4: I always like to add a little salt again so that each layer is flavored. Stir the veggies around and then put the lid on your pot

Step 5: Let the veggies get nice and cooked for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, making sure the veggies don't burn

Step 6: Once it's been around 20 minutes, add everything in the pot to your blender

Step 7: Add your pepper, your garlic and seasoning

Step 8: Blend away! I always like to check the flavor and see if it needs anything.

That's it! Serve it with your favorite pasta, make Chicken Parmesan with it, or use it as the base on your favorite homemade pizza and voila!

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