Friday, January 5, 2018

New Beginnings

As I’m sitting here in my new apartment in Strömstad, looking out the window on to a road that’s still pretty unfamiliar, I can’t help but feel both excited and nervous about my new life here in Sweden. A year ago, I hadn’t even met my boyfriend yet who is the reason why I’m here now. I’m pretty sure I was sitting on my couch in Los Feliz, crying about why my life wasn’t going the way I thought it would by then. Fast forward to the end of January, and we matched on Tinder. He happened to be in LA for a music trade show, and that’s when it all started. And now here I am a year later, residence permit (almost) in hand, ready to live a very exciting new life.

If you asked me a year ago if I could ever picture myself living in outside of LA, let alone another country, my answer would’ve been NO. I hadn’t even really been to anywhere in Europe, except for a two week visit to London and Liverpool when I was 16. The majority of people who I talked to about my move in the beginning (and maybe even a little now) would tell me that I was being brave for moving to another country, but I didn’t really feel like that until recently. I just kind of.. went through the process, and didn’t really take the time to let it wash over me.

I’m currently here in Sweden for a few weeks celebrating the holidays, and since i’ve been gone, I’ve managed to sell off some of my most beloved household items: kitchenaid stand mixer, my bicycle, and most recently, my car. I had that car for ten years and LOVED it. I went everywhere in it. Max and I were in the middle of re-doing the living room of his apartment that we’re now sharing when I found out that my car was finally sold, and that’s when it all really hit me. For the first time since this whole process started, I cried. I cried a good long cry. I mourned the loss of my car, my other belongings, and my life in LA. And then.. I realised in that moment that, wow, yeah.. I’m pretty brave. And what I’m doing is not easy, and I should give myself way more credit. 

With that said, I’m really excited to be re-launching my blog during such a new and exciting time in my life, and I to share my new experiences right here, including a little outfit post I have for you now!

I love Joanie Clothing and I’ve been wearing this dress everywhere with a pair of tights and boots since it’s been so cold here. I love the rich mustard color paired with the cute floral peter pan collar and velvet tie. The dress can be found on their site here. xoxo

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  1. Exciting times! Nice dress but you need a coat over it! It's 2 degrees here today so I'm trying to think warm. Looking forward to more blog posts!