Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Clearly Kombucha

Today's post is all about Clearly Kombucha, a bright and colorful Kombucha company based out of the most colorful city, San Francisco! Clearly Kombucha prides itself on making the most delicious Kombucha that also happens to come in really fun flavors, like Chai Cola and Strawberry Hibiscus. Also, the packaging is to die for. I decided to pair these two yummy flavors with some other things that I love - sour candies! There's nothing like staying in and watching your favorite movie (or tv show) with a cold drink and some sugary treats.

I can't get over these pairings! The Strawberry Hibiscus reminds me of strawberry lemonade, while the Chai Cola has the right amount of exotic spice mixed with that familiar Coca Cola flavor we all know. SO GOOD.

Oh, and if you've never had Kombucha, get on it. Seriously! Kombucha is sparkling fermented tea, which means it's like having a flavored sparkling beverage that gives you health benefits! Kombucha is known for being a great probiotic/digestive healer, is good for increasing your immune system, and has way less sugar than soda, so you can feel like you're drinking one, but without having all of that added sugar that's not good for you!

You can find out more about Clearly Kombucha and where they carry it HERE
Cola and Strawberry Gummies from Lolli and Pops

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