Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Goals

Kenji Ono, Julie & Julia

I've been seeing a lot of these lists popping up on various blogs, and I love them. I think it's so important to think about what you want to/need to achieve and set goals for yourself in the process. Since this summer is going to be so busy for me, I know that writing out a list of goals is going to be super helpful in keeping me centered and calm.

1. Make popsicles - Ok, it's no secret that I love popsicles (see this post here). Not only are they cute, but they are SO simple to make! I plan on picking up a couple packs of popsicle molds from World Market and crafting up a bunch of yummy recipes in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for those posts. Popsicle making is something I'm new at, and I'm excited to challenge myself and try something new. If I get really good at it, maybe I can make a business out of it! (ok, I'm getting a little carried away there.)

2. Take better care of myself - I don't necessarily mean doing yoga (like the cute little girl is doing above), but take care of myself by eating better, not getting as stressed out, and staying active. I can be good when I want to be, but to be honest, lately I've been slacking. Walking (fast paced) is my favorite form of exercise (while listening to my favorite Elvis tunes, or Jenny Lewis, depending on my mood), but I'd like to try my hand at a dance class and I hope to be swimming a lot since my job will be in Malibu near the beach for the summer :)

3. Planning more date nights - Because my job is moving to Malibu for the summer, that means I'll be spending more time in the car, and less time at home. I want to make sure I plan at least one date night a week so that we can stay connected as a couple. I also love that little cartoon above. It kinda looks like us (a little), and the girl is holding an ice cream cone! I'm going to try and use these "planned date nights" as blog posts for you guys, so you can hopefully get some inspiration from me and what I decide to do to plan for them. I'm looking forward to getting dressed up, picking out a new restaurant, and having a fun night with my guy without any stress from the week.

4. Hosting dinner parties - Not sure how many I'd like to have, but since we moved back into the city, we've only held one party, and it was our housewarming/my birthday. Since we live closer to friends and have a bigger kitchen, this should be fairly easy to do now. I have so many ideas for food ideas, and decorations, too. There's also something so relaxing for me about planning a get together, and executing it as well. Party planning makes me happy. I'd love to share my ideas on the blog so maybe I'll turn it into a weekly theme.

What are some of your summer goals? I'd love to know!

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  1. I love it! I so need to make some goals to blog! Oh and by the way I wanna send you some donut bobbipins I made!!!=)