Thursday, October 2, 2014

Brown Butter Bourbon Rice Krispies Treats

As a child, I loved rice krispies treats. Of course, the famous kind that come in a shiny blue package were always nice to break open on a lunch break at school, but I remember having play dates with friends where we would spend the entire hang out making homemade rice krispies treats. I recently came across a recipe for a more adult version, with Bourbon as a main ingredient, with brown butter to add some unexpected nuttiness, and I knew I just had to try my hand at them. They're pretty simple to make, and with the added sea salt flakes on top, they are pure heaven. Recipe can be found here.


Because I totally failed at molding them and then cutting them into perfect squares, I just took a big hunk and shaped a heart out of it instead, and I think it looks pretty good! And just so you're aware, I ate the whole thing in a matter of seconds :)


  1. Wow, isn't it wonderful all the different things that you can add bourbon to?

  2. Yes, it is wonderful! It's funny that you say that because right after finding this recipe, I went on a quest to see what other bourbon recipes I could find to make. I have an idea already that I'll tell you about later! :)

  3. O-M-G I just found your blog and everything looks sooo good! Aghh can't wait to try some things out.