Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Big Week Ahead

Outfit Details

First off, let's talk about this dress! It was only a few weeks ago when my Instagram feed was covered in photos and stories from Dapper Day, which is an event held at Disneyland (and Disney World) where Disney fans come dressed in their favorite fancy frocks, sometimes bound as Disney characters, to meet, shop at the Dapper Day Expo, and spend time with their friends in the world's happiest place. I attended the one last year and loved it so much, so of course I was a little bummed out that I couldn't be there for this year's festivities. I saw that one of my favorite lady bosses, Audrey of Audrey K, was wearing the most adorable rainbow printed dress I had ever seen, and immediately I went into my google search and looked up the brand, and that's when I found Love Ur Look! I was hooked by the prints and ultra feminine cuts of the dresses immediately. But when I read on their About page that they are a brand that practices sustainable and ethical practices, that really sealed the deal. The clothes are produced both in the UK and a women's factory in India, and the practices there have specific obligations which protect the workers and it is truly amazing. Not only that, but every year, the company takes some of their profits to support the well known animal shelter in India called Tolfa. The actual clothing designs are made from up cycled fabrics, such as discarded materials, like surplus stock and production off cuts, as it states on their website. If you're into retro-style fashion and you enjoy supporting a company that practices ethics and sustainability, I highly recommend that you check out Love Ur Look! Also, for those of you who follow me on Instagram, I posted myself in this dress over the past weekend in lieu of the Kentucky Derby. I mean, the print was just too perfect not to wear that day, right? :)

Now on to some more exciting news...I'm flying back to LA this week! I'll be in town visiting family, friends, and attending my good friend's wedding. I'll be honest, when I first started planning this trip, I wasn't thrilled.. not because I didn't want to see everyone, but because I was hoping I could use what money I had to go somewhere brand new. But this trip is exactly what I need right now. We are landing in the evening on Wednesday, and I'm hoping the jet lag won't be too horrendous. The next day will be filled with lots of errands, and dinner with my two of my besties. Then we're off to Joshua Tree for my friend's wedding for the weekend, and right when we return we'll be meeting up with MORE friends, and well, you get the picture. It's going to be one busy week!

Additionally, I will be working with some of my favorite LA based brands again, shooting some really fun blog posts for them so I'm thrilled about that. If we have time, we're going to try to go to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, which I used to visit every year! Praying that it's still going to be open in a week.

If you've moved out of the state or country, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what it was like going back to your old hometown for the first time. What feelings did you think you would have vs what it actually felt like when you arrived? Were you happy to be back? Sad? A mixture of both? I'd love to know your story.

Photos taken at Tilt Recording Studios in Strömstad, Sweden


  1. Love your look. Really like the thought behind the brand, what they stand for and do.
    Even though I did not move that far (it is around 100 metric miles between where I grew up and where I live now), it is quite odd to be back in my hometown the few times I have been there since I moved 9 years ago. I was there during easter this year and I felt so out of place. It was like the town had changed, but not at all at the same time and I did not belong anymore. It will probably be many years before I go back again, if ever at all.

    1. Thanks so much, Christina! And you are so right.. it's a very odd feeling coming back and feeling out of place. I am going to be writing a blog post about that topic soon!