Sunday, February 11, 2018

Standing Out

Wearing my favourite bag by SkinnyDip London. You can find it HERE

Many people have been asking me lately what it's been like to wear such bright colours in a country that's known for minimalistic style and where everyone is wearing all black (or just more neutral colours). The truth is, I stand out here. And I felt kind of weird about it at first. After all, back in LA, it's very different. But the truth is, wearing colour is who I am, and I'm in no way going to change that or cover it up, for the sake of other people being uncomfortable who are simply not used to it. So when `I get those looks, I just smile. It's fun to be different!

Moving here has been a bit challenging in regards to being able to capture colour the way I was able to back in Los Angeles. I've been having a semi hard time finding a great wall or area to shoot an outfit in because everything here screams primary (red or yellow, mostly). But every now and then I'll walk into a random mall (like the one pictured here) and find pink and purple chairs, and I feel inspired instantly. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes to see colour in places you might not expect to. I am excited about all of the spots I've been finding around town, and some have even said that I've opened them up to seeing this town in a brand new way, and that makes me very happy!

I've been adapting to the culture here more and more every day, and with that I've been starting to notice pieces that are more neutral to tie my crazy outfits together. For example, I LOVE brightly coloured sweaters and just bought one recently (seen in a recent post, from H&M). Normally in LA, I would have paired that with sequin shoes or something equally colourful as an accessory, but here I've been taking to a trusty pair of black chelsea boots and mid wash jeans to round it out, and I'm loving the combination. Adding a pop of colour as an accessory instead of it being your whole wardrobe is a great and easy way to transition. Below are some really fun accessories that will add some cheerfulness to your travel outfits! Links to each product can be found underneath. Happy Shopping!

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