Thursday, February 1, 2018

I Moved!

Striped Knit Sweater (Can't find on website but I've linked similar one here)
Bag: old Kate Spade
Boots: Dasia

Well, as you can tell from the title of this blog post, I did it, I moved. It's funny to think that only two weeks ago I was just getting back from my visit here for Christmas and New Years, and that I was able to sell off all of my furniture (except for my couch!), re-home my kitty, and say goodbye to all of my friends and family by myself and super quickly. I'm quite proud of myself, really. It was not easy and I am so glad that it's over, and now I'm here and starting a brand new life and it's pretty cool. It definitely has not been all sunshine and roses, though.

When I first returned back to LA, I figured out pretty quickly that I would not be able to bring Ringo back with me to Sweden. So I spent the first two days back sobbing and having terribly swollen eyes, which was was not fun. I begrudgingly put him up on Next Door (an app that you can use to connect with the people in your neighbourhood). I HATED doing it. I felt awful, sick to my stomach. I had never imagined not being with my cat. I'd had him since 2010 and he had become a major source of comfort for me in the last few years and just always been.. my best friend, my pal, my partner in crime. But after thinking about it long and hard, I knew giving him a new home was what I had to do, even though it tore me apart inside. After only a day or two, a woman wrote to me who happened to live in my neighbourhood. She worked from home, had a really cool job, a beautiful and big house, and... 4 dogs. Ringo had never been around other animals before, so this idea of him now being around a bunch of animals really freaked me out. But at that point I had no other choice, and I had a very good feeling about her, so I brought him over. Right when I met her, I had a good feeling, but Ringo was not so sure. First he hid under a bed for a while, and later on, sat in a corner hissing and growling, but the dogs got used to him very fast and eventually they all sat in the room quietly. After two hours of gabbing with the owner and seeing Ringo in the house, I knew this was where he needed to be. Leaving him in LA has probably been the hardest part of this whole process, but I received the cutest update last night: a photo of him sitting in his new bed, leaning over to the smallest dog of the bunch, Ruby. He's made a friend!

In other news, my mom joined me when I flew here last week, and we had SO much fun. Our flights to Sweden and Norway were very empty so we had the rows to ourselves, and SAS fed us and gave us free wine, so that was cool. We landed fairly early in the day, and somehow I ended up not having any jet lag which is rare. Anyway, Max and I spent the following 5 days driving her around the neighbourhood, took her to our favourite restaurants, and she met Max's family as well. I'm so proud of my new town and the company I'm in here with Max and his friends and family, so it was exciting getting to show that off.

It's weird to think that now that she's gone, I won't be seeing anyone from my own circle until we come back to LA again in May. I've always been very independent and easily adaptable to new situations, so I've been ok with being on my own, but it does feel lonely at times. Max works every day, and I'm still unemployed as I wait for all of my official documents to be in order, so I've been spending my time watching a LOT of tv (including the full season of Big Little Lies, a season of Girls, and Swedish tv), napping, and planning blog posts. I'm excited about all of the ideas I have, though and I can't wait to share my new life here.

If there are any topics you'd like to see me cover here such as living in Europe, packing tips, outfit posts, etc, feel free to post them down below!

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