Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Hello Sunshine! Soaps

I'm pretty much a sucker for anything that resembles a sweet treat, whether it's in the form of a donut purse, cupcake sweater, or soap! Speaking of which... I am absolutely head over heels for these adorable and yummy smelling handmade dessert soaps that are made by Kim of Hello Sunshine! She makes tons of different delectable varieties including pop tart soap, bundt cake, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon buns, and the goodies you see here: mini donuts, mini macarons, cupcakes and meringues!

In their About Me that's on the website, these yummy soaps are "For women who sparkle, eat cake for breakfast, believing in celebrating life with glitter, sipping champagne on Wednesdays & smiling always." Best motto ever, right? Yep, I think so.

Now let's talk about this packaging. SO CUTE! I love the bags they come in, and the labels are fun and easy to read. There's nothing better than opening a box of soap that smells good and looks as good as these guys do! And with names like "Mermaids and Cotton Candy", and "Fairytales" you really can't go wrong.

Do yourselves a favor and order these pretties! I'm already plotting my next order as we speak. Oh and I just realized there's a pretty big chance that Chris will come home thinking these are real and try to eat one, so I'd better go put them in their proper place, haha :)

Kim's website can be found HERE

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