Monday, December 10, 2018

Love in La La Land (aka our Engagement Photos!)

When Max and I were in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, one of my closest friends, Desiree, surprised us with an engagement session as a wedding present! Desiree is a professional photographer and I used to help her with all of her photography projects in school when we were much younger, so this was extra special that she got to be the one to shoot this special time in our lives! We weren't sure exactly where we wanted to shoot them and we actually differed in our ideas at first. I thought it would be fun to shoot in front of all of the old trains at the Griffith Park Train Museum, but Max wanted to have LA as our backdrop, which actually ended up feeling very fitting since it's my hometown and where we first met. So, one dusky evening we met Desiree in the Hollywood Hills and found a few really beautiful spots in Runyon Canyon. Truth be told, I'd never actually been to this hiking trail until this session, and now I wish I had gone to it when I lived in Los Angeles. It has the prettiest views and isn't super uphill (or maybe it is later on, we didn't walk particularly far), but it was lovely. Fun fact: Did you know that Max is scared of snakes? That kept things really interesting whenever we\d have to step into the more jungle-y areas, haha.

On the subject of weddings, I can't believe our wedding is almost six months away! Time seems to be totally flying by now, and we've gotten mostly all of the big things done, like choosing and securing our venue(s), picking our vendors, sending out the wedding website and buying some decorations for the ceremony. But we still need to do some really important things: meet with the day-of coordinator to go over how our day will actually go at the reception site, meet with the chef to choose a menu, send the RSVP's out in February or March, and reserve our charter boat that we will have to shuttle people back and forth after the wedding, mainly. With Christmas being right around the corner, we won't be tackling much of this until the new year, but I already cannot wait. <3