Monday, May 2, 2016

Pink Flamingos

I recently took a road trip to Las Vegas, and I stayed at the Flamingo Hotel! I've been to Vegas many times in my life, but had never stayed in this hotel before, so I was super excited to get to truly experience it. It's pink and has real flamingos behind the hotel! And it's centered in the middle of the Strip! What could be better than that? I couldn't help but pack along my new favorite flamingo circle skirt by Unique Vintage and it was the perfect print to explore Sin City in. [breakdown of where to buy my outfit can be found at the bottom of this blog post!]

The mirrored pink glass effect on the windows was gorgeous, and I loved sitting by the waterfall, too! So peaceful.

More of the hotel, including the cutest pink signage, and flamingos!

Right as I was done exploring and taking my photos, someone decided to photobomb some of my photos, and this was probably the best one (because by then, I knew she was back there!) Haha. Gotta love Vegas!


photos taken at flamingo hotel las vegas

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