Thursday, October 29, 2015

That Thing You Do! Fan Costume

Is there anyone else out there besides me who STILL loves the movie That Thing You Do!? Raise a hand or let out a scream! I first fell in love with this movie when it hit theaters in 1996. I was 11 years old, and was obsessed with it, along with all of my friends. I owned the soundtrack and listened to it on repeat so many times that I think I must have really annoyed my parents. I always tried to do my hair like Liv Tyler's, and knew every line of the movie by heart. There's something really wholesome and sweet about this film that I always loved, and the soundtrack is amazing. (I sing Mr Downtown to myself ALL the time).

I thought it would be fun to add another felt t-shirt DIY to the mix and make a fun little last minute Halloween costume for those of you who would want to pay homage to the best movie of the 90s (in my opinion). 

Just to refresh your memory, this costume idea is based on the scene in the film where the band finds out they're going straight to California to be in a movie and play the Hollywood Television Showcase. "C-c-california?" "Disneyland???" When they walk out of their dressing room to jump into the car that's waiting for them to take them to the airport, a bunch of crazy fans are there, and one is holding a sign that says SHADES with a big heart around it, 'cause we all know, Tom Everett Scott's character, Guy Patterson, was the reason they became famous. So there ya go! From inspiration to real life Halloween costume! 

1) Plain White T-shirt (I found mine at Michael's)
2)Self-Adhesive Letter Stickers (also found at Michael's in the sticker section)
3) Sheets of felt in lime green, raspberry, taxi yellow, and grape (to match the colors of the title in the movie)
4) Hot glue gun + glue
5) Scissors
6) Your favorite accessories - cat eye sunnies, chiffon hair scarf, leggings or capri pants

1) White scrapbooking paper 
2) Pink scrapbooking paper
3) Tape or glue
4) Scissors

This is the simplest DIY in the world! All you have to do is cut out strips of the felt to act as a backing to each of your letters (except for the word THAT which I only used one single piece of felt for). Once you have each square/rectangle cut out, apply your letters directly on to the little squares of felt! Then, hot glue the pieces all down in place, and voila. So easy! I used the DVD cover of the movie as a reference for how I laid the letters out, as they're not totally uniform and straight across. As for the poster board, just cut out a nice big heart (I estimated the size of mine), use glue or tape to stick it down in the middle of your white paper, and add an arrow going through it with a sharpie, and you have your very own Shades fan sign!

 I absolutely loved how the costume turned out. It only cost me around $10-$15 because I already had most of the supplies and outfit accessories!  ** If you make this, be sure to tag circusofcakesxhalloween and tag me @circusofcakes in your posts so I can see your creations!**

Also, don't forget about my sweet DIY Ice Cream Sprinkles tee idea from a few posts back! 

Actual movie poster for reference:


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  1. omg this is the cutest costume ever! such a good idea. that thing you do is still one of my favorite movies too!