Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving was probably the easiest and less stressful it's ever been. Normally Chris and I celebrate twice because of our two families. But this year we joined forces into one giant 23-person celebration including friends and close family. I still can't believe we even have leftovers.

My Thanksgiving outfit I threw together after finding this amazing sequin cupcake sweater. I knew I wanted to keep the outfit mostly black, since the sweater was so flashy.

Coat, Skirt, Tights: Forever 21
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Bow flats: Target

I'm pretty impressed by the interactive table game I put together (inspired by an art kit I found at Paper Source) that I only spent $3 on. Each guest filled out a card where they listed the things they were most thankful for anonymously, and Chris' 9 year old cousin read them out loud while we all ate pie in the kitchen. I encouraged everyone's answers to be somewhat silly, and they definitely turned out to be. So much laughter ensued.

The table set up :

Close-up of my place cards:

The prettiest centerpiece (on our other table):

The appetizer spread:

...complete with two kinds of cheese and honey (my favorite part).

We actually had a first course which was butternut squash soup (not pictured) with bits of blue cheese and sage, and then this glorious salad (those croutons were homemade by Chris' grandmother). I loved the touch of pomegranate seeds.

Classic Italian family pasta course.

Some of the guests enjoying their owl place cards (Robin decided to turn hers into a necklace)

The long line of yummy food

The plate. Cannot get over the sausage stuffing, and my mom's amazing sweet potatoes.

Lots and lots of pies (Back to front: Two apple pies, Two pumpkin pies (one with walnuts), and my chocolate chess pie. Chris' grandmother made the apples & pumpkins and those chocolate truffles. Not pictured: Brownies.

The next day, the whole family decided to walk down the street to the tire swing.

For an early dinner, Chris and I took our friends to one of our favorite places, Umami Burger. I'm still drooling over my favorite on the menu: Truffle Burger. I would eat there every day if I could. But that would not be good for my health.

And finally, a reflection on the wall due to the sparkles on my sweater. Love how this turned out.

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  1. I love the way you made the food look so yummy, it makes me want to eat it all over again! The decorations and 'what I am thankful for comment cards' where fantastic!